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The red and purple twisted spider veins that mar your face and legs aren’t just disfiguring, they’re damaged. Your board-certified physician team of aesthetic experts at All You Medical Spa remove spider veins with the state-of-the-art Multi-Spot™ Nd:YAG Lumenis M22 laser. Women and men who live in Mountain View, California and surrounding areas can get clearer, healthier, spider vein-free skin by contacting the helpful All You Medical Spa team by phone or online form.

Spider Vein Treatment Q & A

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small broken capillaries that no longer function well. They look like fine, twisted lines drawn on your skin in red, blue, or purple.

How did I get spider veins?

When your veins are damaged because of aging, pressure, or other factors, the valves that keep your blood flowing to your heart weaken. The blood isn’t pushed forward by the valve anymore. Instead, the blood pools behind the valve, causing the vessel to bulge and twist.

You can get spider veins if you:

  • Damage your skin
  • Have a close family member with spider veins  
  • Have hormonal fluctuations (puberty, menopause)
  • Take hormonal birth control
  • Are on your feet all day
  • Are obese or pregnant
  • Don’t get  enough exercise
  • Are older

Spider veins are not a serious condition. However, they can sometimes itch or be uncomfortable.

What is the best spider vein treatment?

Laser vein removal with the M22 is the most effective and advanced method of permanently eliminating spider veins without surgery or downtime. After your session, you immediately notice clearer skin and fewer veins.

How does the Lumenis M22 laser remove spider veins?

Your All You Medical Spa physician adjusts the M22 laser to target the hemoglobin in the unwanted spider veins. The heat from the laser evaporates the vein without damaging your skin.

Does spider vein treatment hurt?

Before your spider-vein removal with the M22 laser, your All You Medical Spa aesthetic expert applies a numbing gel to the treatment area. You’ll feel a stinging sensation each time the laser zaps your skin. Most women and men find the sensation equivalent to being snapped with a rubber band.

Is laser vein treatment permanent?

Once your All You Medical Spa removes your spider veins, they won’t regrow. However, if you are overweight, have a genetic tendency to develop spider veins, or don’t resolve lifestyle issues that cause spider veins, you may get more at a later date.

When you’re ready to treat a new set of spider veins, your All You Medical Spa team is ready to help. Book an appointment by using the online scheduling form or calling the friendly staff.