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If you’re tired of spending dozens of days and thousands of dollars shaving, using depilatories, or waxing away unwanted hair, laser hair removal is your solution. At All You Medical Spa in Mountain View, California, your aesthetics team uses state-of-the-art Lumenis® M22™ laser to eliminate unwanted hair for good, leaving your skin silky smooth. Whether you want to lase away facial hair or body hair, the All You team can help. If you live in Mountain View or the surrounding areas, book your laser hair removal session using the online scheduler, or phone the helpful All You Medical Spa staff.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a permanent method of removing unwanted facial and body hair. Your All You Medical Spa doctor uses a high-tech Lumenis M22 laser to permanently remove hair from your:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Armpits
  • Trunk
  • Shoulders
  • Mustache area
  • Bikini area

Some men request laser hair removal to treat and remove beard bumps.

How does laser hair removal work?

The M22 laser treats both the existing hair and the follicle that houses it. Your All You Medical Spa doctor adjusts the laser’s wavelength so that it matches the pigment in your hair. The laser zaps the shaft of your hairs at their roots.

The heat from the laser energy also disrupts the structure of the follicle. After your 30-minute treatment, the follicle isn’t strong enough to produce a new hair again.

Does my hair fall out immediately?

Most treated hairs fall out within two to three weeks after your laser hair-removal session. Once all of your hairs have been targeted and fall out, they don’t grow back in the disrupted follicles.

How many sessions of laser hair removal do I need?

Laser hair removal is most effective when used at the beginning stage of a hair’s 150-day growth cycle. The hairs in any treatment area are all at different stages of growth.

Your All You Medical Spa physician administers from three to six treatments so that all of your hairs are treated at early growth stages. You should leave about a month and a half between sessions.

Do I need touch-ups of laser hair removal?

After your treatment series is complete, your skin stays smooth for months to years. Most women and men need touch-ups every six months to 12 months.

How painful is laser hair removal?

Your team at All You Medical Spa strives to make your laser hair removal as easy as possible by applying a numbing gel to the treatment area. The M22 laser has a cooling mechanism that keeps your skin at a comfortable temperature. Most women and men report that the feeling of the laser’s energy is transient and similar to that of being snapped with a rubber band.

When you’re ready to trade in your razor for a laser, contact the All You Medical Spa staff for an M22 consultation. Book your appointment using the online scheduler, or call the friendly office team.