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The Benefits of PRP Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP treatment, has become one of the most popular and effective skin rejuvenation methods in recent years. PRP treatment uses your body’s own growth factors to achieve younger, smoother, and healthier skin. Read on for the benefits of PRP treatment.

What is Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy?

PRP treatment is the process of inserting small amounts of concentrated plasma from your own blood into your skin via multiple small injections around your face. This stimulates rapid skin repair and induces collagen replacement. PRP treatment is widely known in the medical field, for healing injuries such as arthritis, tendinitis, ACL injuries, tennis elbow, and more.

The Platelet-rich Plasma Process

The first step of PRP therapy is to draw the patient’s blood. The next step is to isolate the platelets from the blood and then inject the platelet-rich material back into the area that is being treated to encourage new cell growth. AllYou MedSpa combines this PRP therapy with micro-needling to achieve even greater, quicker, and more visible results. The addition of micro-needling triggers your body to heal itself without any foreign substances. The skin will safely repair itself by producing more collagen.

The Benefits of PRP Treatment

  • Au Natural Platelet-rich plasma therapy is completely natural. You’re using your body’s own growth factors to stimulate an already natural process of skin restoration. No foreign substances or chemicals are injected into your face, side effects are limited, and there is little to no downtime after the treatment.

  • Revitalization PRP treatment repairs damaged skin and imperfections including acne scars, sun spots, melasma, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Therefore, also improving skin texture. If that’s not premier revitalization, we don’t know what is.

  • Little to No Pain Since we use a topical numbing cream and the process of micro-needling only affects the top layer of your skin, there is little to no pain during and after the treatment. Many customers even say the experience is comfortable and relaxing.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a highly effective treatment with nearly no negative side effects. Why not try something that will benefit your skin’s health and therefore help rid it of imperfections at the same time? For more information or to schedule an appointment, Contact AllYou MedSpa today.

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